How do I get my jewel engraved?

We are proud to be the only company in Canada to manufacture and engrave your jewelry ourselves. Solidly equipped with a laser engraving machine and a micro-percussion engraving machine, we offer free personalization and engraving on all your purchases made on our Bijou Crémation boutique. 

For all funeral jewellery, we use laser engraving. The engravings are permanent and do not fade. The engravings and the number of characters, vary according to the space available on the selected jewel(s).

For each product, the number of lines as well as the number of characters are indicated for your information.

There is no additional charge for the engravings of your jewels.

The engravings allow you to personalize and make the most important funeral jewel of your life unique and personal.

How do I get my jewel engraved?

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