How Transfer the ashes?

By making a purchase on our Bijou Crémation boutique, you will receive, with all orders, a small funnel whose tip is adapted to the opening of your funeral jewel. Use a small spoon to transfer a small amount of the ashes into your new cremation jewel. We recommend that you fill to about 80% to leave enough space to close the stopper properly.

With the movements and your daily activities, we strongly advise you to seal the stopper with a little epoxy glue or transparent silicone.

Apply a small quantity of the sealant on a toothpick or other and apply the glue on the threads of the cap. Close the cap and let it dry for 24 hours.

This will prevent the movements of daily life from unscrewing or losing your funeral jewelry. We know that this precious jewelry is invaluable to our customers .

How Transfer the ashes?

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