What is a funeral jewelry?

A funerary jewel is a jewel that is molded with a small empty space inside. This void may contain a small amount of ashes from a missing loved one. You can also insert a small pinch of sand, dirt, hair, dried flowers from a ceremony, a small piece of cloth or any other small souvenir you wish to keep close to your heart.  

Funeral jewellery is also called cremation jewellery, cinerary jewellery, reliquary jewellery.  In spite of their different names, they all have the same function, that is, to preserve a precious and immortal memory.

Funeral jewellery allows you to keep a loved one who has passed away close to your heart at all times...

You can wear it every day, hang it on your bedroom mirror, on your car mirror, in short, each person can wear it differently. But its primary function will

always remain the same, to protect and keep a missing person...

What is a funeral jewelry?

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